Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Been a while


I know that is has been while that I have posted anything. Now that things are slowing down I hope that I can pick this up again. I am not much of a writer but am trying here.

I am glad that I am now pumping and do not have to remember to give myself shots .
This really helped back in Jan when my dad passed away. My wife and her two sisters and three friends went on a week long cruise and I took a weeks vacation to take care of the kids for the week. They left on a sat and he past away on the following Monday. Also my brother and his family were out of town that week. So it was just my mom and I to handle all the stuff that needs to be done at a time like that. Luckily we had a long time friend to help us. Yes there was times that I forgot to bolus but at least I was getting a steady stream insulin during that time.

Also had a changed in job assignments. I work for one of the big three automakers. Over the past few years with plant closing and trimming the number of people that is needed to work and repair the machinery in the factories is getting smaller and smaller. So in Oct of 2007 I we bumped out of my job and was sent to a place to sit and collect my paycheck every week.
Then in Feb we were told to stay at home and receive 85% of our pay. So now you can call me Mr Mom and yes I do drive a mini van. So that is another change in my life but I feel that by the end of the summer I will be back to work.

Speaking of summer we are working on what to do for vacation this summer. We may go to Germany and see family or a road trip not sure.

Sat will be my first flight with my pump. We are going to a conference for the wife in Minn, MN.
Yes I know who wants to go MN in March? But is will be a week without the kids. I have been looking to see what to do and what to see while the wife is at her thing. One place that I plan on going is the Mall of America. I have some other places that sound interesting to see.

Pumping is going good for me, I like it better than have to stick my self 5 times a day. All that I really need to work on now is eating better and losing some weight. I have found that if I eat low carb meals my bs stay at a lower lever near normal for most.

With less then ten years until I retire from my current job I have been thinking about my next carrier. I will be 50 if I go at 30 years and the way things look in the auto industry I really do not want to stay there very long. So i have been thinking of going back to school and getting a degree in nutrition then become a Certified Diabetic Educator. Then after doing that for a time work on setting up a long weekend diabetic camp for adults. The reason for this is because the places that I have found for adults is out of my budget. This way maybe I can help some people get better control in a fun setting like the camps for kids. But this is down the road and something to shoot for.

I still need to figure this blogging stuff out so hopefully it will not be as long between post.

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